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WSDI is a Texas owned, Texas operating and "for Texans only" manufacturer of Law Enforcement products. We strive to employ Texas retired and combat disabled Law Enforcement and U.S. Military Veterans first and exist to serve our sworn protectors.

We are currently producing "duty" and training ammunition in handgun calibers from .380 to .45 and Rifle Calibers

from .223 up.

WSDI is currently the only class 7 Manufacturer in Texas who is:

  • Manufacturing new “Duty Ammunition” using all new components.

  • Testing the performance of handgun duty ammunition beyond 50 yards

  • Seeking to meet ISO 9000, SAAMI and QS 9000 manufacturing standards

  • Using an independent test laboratory to certify our ammunition

  • Packaging our product in our proprietary “STAR” packs.

  • Delivering our ammunition using our own employees

  • Capable of delivering our product within the same day to customers within 100 miles.

  • Capable of personally replacing ammunition which has failed in performance or quality. 


We are different

WSDI Owners, Employees and Advisors are all current Firearms Instructors and many are former Law Enforcement and Military Veterans. Because we are all shooters, our ammunition is produced with the same quality we demand from all other manufacturers of "duty" ammunition.  

WSDI produces hybrid ammunition using proven components from Star Line Brass, CCI, Speer, Hornady and others. We check and weigh components, powder charges and fire one out of every 500 rounds through a chronograph to insure consistency in loads and performance. 

Our packaging process is proprietary and produces a user friendly packaging that is both efficient and incredibly stable. With a 100 yr. shelf life and our ability to package handgun calibers in quantities from 6 to 20 rounds in waterproof pouches, we are the only manufacturer in the world currently packaging ammunition in amounts equivalent to a user's magazine.




                                                                   CALL NOW:  214-597-9199

                                               8 AM TO 9 PM Monday through Saturday

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