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Concealed Handgun Class

This is a 5 hour class + range time (min. of 5 students, max. of 20)

Cost : $50.00
Range fee : $31.50 cash or check only (unless already a member of Garland Public Range).

Range only $40 plus range fee

Will need to qualify with 50 rounds of ammounition.

Armed Guard Level III

(Commissioned, Armed Security Officer)  


Must have Level II before doing Level III


New as of Sept. 2017, now 45 hour class covering laws, report writing, Crime Scene, Patrol Services, Use of Force, Conflict Resolution, Defense Tactics (Baton), Handcuffing and  Firearms.


Classes are held every other week.
Mon- Fri. - 9 hours per day

Cost: $220.00

You will need to qualify with 50 rounds of ammo (not included on course fees). 

If you have questions on past arrests, please call your attorney. 

Level IV (Personal Protection Officer)

(by appointment only)


This is a 15 hour class which also includes Options in PPO, Strategies Overview, Force Options, Defensive Tactics.


Classes are held upon request

Cost : $200.00 

Security Guard Level II

(Non-Commissioned, Unarmed Security Officer)


This is a 6 hour class covering the requirements to be a security officer in the State of Texas

Classes are held every other Monday or Tuesday.  
Cost : $65.00 

Do Level II and III in same month and pay only $265.00

Armed Guard Level III


This is a 6 hour class, includes going to the range, bring your own weapon, plus 50 rounds of ammo, or contact us for rental details.


Classes are held on Thursdays only
Cost: $85.00

Handcuff and Baton Classes

(by appointment only)


These are 4 hour classes
Cost : $50.00 each 

Level IV  (Personal Protection Officer)


(by appointment only


This is a 6 hour class.

Cost : $65.00

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