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Packaging to the consumer's needs is almost as important as the product itself. After hundreds of hours of research and hundreds of interviews with combat survivors, we developed ammunition packaging which is unique, efficient and exclusive to WSDI. 
Imagine being able to reach into a pocket and grab your magazine's capacity in a waterproof, UV proof, customized pack, rip it open and load your magazine with reliable factory ammunition.

Why do you buy ammunition in 20, 50 and 250 round packaging?
WSDI built the packaging machine and developed the package to both store and carry ammunition specific to a weapon's magazine capacity.  Because the cartridges are laid flat adjacent to each other and not standing up, the package is barely thicker than the cartridge itself, allowing for the user to carry it in a hip, leg or even breast pocket. Additionally, a desiccant wafer is placed into each pack thus prolonging storage in excess of an estimated 100 years. By simply telling us what your department requires, we can configure the one of a kind machine to package exactly the number of rounds you request. we then package the individual packs in larger packs of 2, 4 or 6 "Team Packs".

It is now possible to purchase 12 rounds instead of 20 or 34 rounds instead of 50 or 8,500 rounds instead of 10,000. Custom ordered, custom loaded, custom packaged and custom delivered. The new-old standard.

                    S.T.A.R. Pack                                 S.T.A.R. OD Green                                      Bulk

Stable Tactical Ammunition Reserve              Packaged for low reflective field use            Packaged in boxes or buckets






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