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Drones or "small unmanned areial systems" are being used everywhere by everybody. They are not your dad's radio controlled airplane anymore. Largely due to the advances in Cellphone and small computer technology as well as the development and application of the "internal measurement unit" computors, drones are capable of self adjusting in flight to maintain stability.

Used by Law Enforcement and civilians alike, the commercially available drones are affordable, efficient and very easy to operate. With a small handheld controller and a smartphone or tablet, a quadcopter, (4 rotor), drone can operate indoors or many hundreds of yards away to video record Real Estate, undeveloped land, agriculture, industrial plants, mining operations, road repair, disaster zones and public venues for any abnormalities worthy of attention.

WSDI offers full service and operational support to Search and Rescue entities, Realtors, Farmers and Ranchers, Law Enforcement agencies, County Commissioners, and civilian media markets.

WSDI is available to train operators and provide turn key services to anyone wishing to purchase or operate a drone.

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