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Our Ammunition

About our Standards


WSDI manufactures its Law Enforcement ammunition in an insulated facility and maintains a constant 72 degrees. We manufacture all ammunition to SAAMI, (Sporting Arms Ammunition Manufacturers Institute) specifications, and our duty ammunition meets the FBI testing standard specific to each caliber.

WSDI Utilizes an out of state, independent ammunition testing laboratory to certify our duty ammunition. We also fire a minimum of 1 round out of every 500 handgun cartridges through a chronograph  to test both Velocity in feet per second and accuracy at 75 yards. We carry product liability insurance and meet all requirements for sale to Texas Law Enforcement agencies. WSDI uses small custom modified machines and limits our production speed in order to manage quality control and assurance as if our lives depend on every round...because they do. We do not mail-order our ammunition because we feel that we owe it to you to look you in the eyes when you receive our product. this level of loyalty is expensive but not passed on to you. 

Handgun Ammunition

Law Enforcement Duty ammunition is not unique. It is manufactured to the same standards and performance specifications as any other ammunition. The WSDI difference is our ability to touch every round. Our Duty ammunition is designed with all the best features of the caliber. Our 9mm round is a 125 gr. Jacketed Hollow-point. It expands like a 147gr., is as fast as a 115gr, and penetrates like a 124gr. We have designed a true hybrid. Our .40 S&W has repeatedly out-performed not only other brands but even many .45 caliber brands as well. Our new and unique 200 grain .40 is a slow 950 fps hammer that expands to .45 performance while maintaining a return to target performance of a .40.

The name of the WSDI Law Enforcement Duty ammunition line is Hybrid Solution TM. It is only sold it Texas and only to Sworn LEOs, First Responders, Texas Military Forces and Texas registered Commissioned Security Officers.

Rifle Ammunition

Carbine and rifle ammunition is manufactured by everybody. WSDI again manufactures a hybrid with all of the best qualities of the caliber. Whether the 5.56, 6.8, .300 Blackout or 7.62, our ammunition has to hit its target every time but it also has to feed and eject flawlessly. Unlike everyone else, we slow down our production speed in order to hand inspect our rounds.

If we can't be better, we can't compete. 

Our Guarantee

If it fails, we'll replace it.
Because we are a local Texas company, we will pick up any ammunition that fails and deliver that number in person. Simply call us.


                                                    And if you like our product, let us know. More importantly, let your purchaser know.



                                                                                           CALL NOW:  214-597-9199

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